The Members of SMECoach Platform will be given an opportunity to provide training, education, mentoring and guidance to its members as per their requirement related to business and leadership segments. The SME Chamber of India will identify SMEs who are interested for this kind of Coaching and mentoring facility. The SME Coaching program includes the following advisory coaching services, which are offered using globally proven scientific model and are intended to deliver concrete and measurable results within specified time periods. The coaching will address the overall requirements of business owners and their leadership teams.

  1. Provide training unique & useful knowledge & education.
  2. Create confidence and awareness.
  3. Encourage, motivate and inspire.
  4. Creation of business plans and strategy.
  5. Marketing and Promotional Planning.
  6. Provide candid feedback about a SME’s strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Support business owners to transform their knowledge & ability.
  8. Enhance business skills and capabilities.
  9. Build entrepreneurial leadership qualities.
  10. Education for developing business ethics and good governance.
  11. Identify business opportunities in relevant domains.
  1. Links with professionals & organizations for solving problems.
  2. Connect with professionals and organizations for specific support.
  3. Guide and advice through various phases of transitions and growth.
  4. Understand problems & issues for permanent remedies.
  5. Develop strategy and roadmap for better growth & development.
  6. Develop business skills and empowerment strategy.
  7. Encourage adoption of unique strategy for success and growth.
  8. Resolve issues in family managed business.
  9. Develop positive mindset and co-ordinate between owner and staff.
  10. Submit reports & suggestions to SMECoach and SME Chamber of India.