The SME sector is one of the most important pillars of Indian Economy. SMEs will play very unique role for making new India and creating new Entrepreneurship to achieve double digit growth. Small Entrepreneurs starting their business venture with educational knowledge, experience in job or joining family business to accomplish their business plans. These Entrepreneurs are providing large employment and educating unskilled to skilled labour. Usually these Entrepreneurs are depend on banks, government agencies, Corporates, FIs, MNCs for developing their business and fulfilling their requirements. Some Entrepreneurs are technically qualified and using their knowledge development of products and services as well as management studied Entrepreneurs are focusing more on Business Promotion and Marketing.

We observed that many Entrepreneurs are required to educate & train for business transformation and mitigation in risk management, art of surviving in competitive era and difficult situation, learn more about business strategies and new concepts related to business management, financial, marketing, business planning, development of Entrepreneurial leadership quality, adoption of good governance and business ethics to create credibility in market, business, investors, suppliers, buyers, workforce & other stakeholders.

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Role of SMECoach

SMECoach from business and leadership segment will provide unique training and education to SMEs for transformation of their mind set, change in attitude, grasping power,

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Enrolment Benefits

Full profile visibility on the Chamber & SMECoach portal. Access to SME Coaching portal for posting blogs - coaching related content.

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Role & Responsibilities

Provide training unique & useful knowledge & education. Create confidence and awareness. Encourage, motivate and inspire. Creation of business plans and strategy

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