About SMECoach

SMEs play a unique role in shaping our dream for a New India and in developing new entrepreneurs. These initiatives and support play a vital role as our country strives to achieve a double digit growth of the economy. Small entrepreneurs normally start their businesses either after acquiring higher educational qualification or after getting a few years of job experience or by simply joining their family owned businesses. These entrepreneurs help the Indian economy creating large number of employment options to both skilled and unskilled workforce. These Entrepreneurs are usually dependent on banks, government, Corporates, FIs(Financial Institutions), MNCs and other agencies for developing their businesses and fulfilling their requirements. Some Entrepreneurs are technically qualified and are using their knowledge for development of products and services as well as on enhancing Business Promotion and Marketing.

However we have observed that many Entrepreneurs and their key workforce require guidance & support from experts for undertaking business transformation and also to learn more about business planning & strategies, financial planning, marketing, improvement of entrepreneurial leadership qualities, adoption of business ethics & good governance and also for creating more credibility in front of stakeholders, investors, suppliers, buyers, workforce & market. They also need support in mitigation of risks, fine-tuning the art of surviving in a competitive era and in managing difficult business situations. This also will be useful for Enterprises to enter into Capital Market, attraction of Investors, Private Equity, Venture Capitalist as well as development of business co-operation or strategic partnership with overseas companies.

Through our unique Business Coaching & Consulting services, we provide the required support to the entire SME segment, which helps them as under:

  1. Increase their business reach and revenue streams
  2. Strengthening workforce for better growth and expansion
  3. Improve Leadership quality to tackle difficult task evolving challenges
  4. Acquire competitive advantage & future-proofing
  5. Enhance customer relationship & increase customer reach
  6. Streamline operational processes for more proactive, predictive & consistent
  7. Enhance quality productivity and better services
  8. Build connected ecosystem – employees, partners & customers
  9. Mitigate existential threats (1/3 of today’s businesses won’t survive the next 10 years)



  1. Develop entrepreneurial leadership qualities
  2. Help SMEs transform into Smart Enterprise
  3. Build connected ecosystem – employees, partners & customers.
  4. Encourage SMEs to adopt business ethics and good governance
  5. Enhance customer experience & increase customer reach
  6. Enhance employee productivity
  7. Build awareness about technologies and digital capabilities
  1. Empower SMEs to navigate through challenges
  2. Identify Qualified SMECoach
  3. Provide unique coaching, education and training to SMEs & its workforce
  4. Provide Mentoring and Advisory support to SMEs
  5. Enhance capacities and capabilities amongst entrepreneurs
  6. Train and Empower Entrepreneurs to compete with local & Global market


  1. Training , coaching, mentoring and education
  2. Thought Leaders Mentoring Session
  3. Seminar, workshops and lecture series
  4. Trade promotional programs and events
  5. Awareness program for knowledge enhancement
  6. Provide Business Solutions & Support
  1. Resolving issues & problems alongwith solutions
  2. Strategic business alliances
  3. Roundtable discussions & Interactions
  4. Connectivity with partners and appropriate authorities
  5. International conferences & seminars with overseas coach and trainers
  6. study tours & projects visits