Business Coaching

We now live in a world that is transforming the way organizations and businesses are run. In the world shaped by Digital, industries are coming together as converged entities. Within 10 years, companies will define their business models not by how they play against traditional industry peers but by their effectiveness in competing within “Digital Ecosystems,” comprising of a variety of businesses from dimensionally different sectors.

The transformed business paradigm has created a level playing field on which businesses of different sizes and scale can compete with each other. MSME organizations should be able to seize this opportunity and grow their business manifold. But for that a strong foundation needs to be put in place by identifying and resolving possible challenges in key business areas.

A strong business foundation can be built through effective strategies. But business leaders lack a proper framework to do so. In such situations, even if strategies are formulated, they either remain half-baked or fail to deliver the desired business outcomes. This significantly impacts the organization’s success, revenue, employee morale, customer experience and overall branding, among others. Our Business Coaching service will be delivered by using a set of scientific and globally proven frameworks. Some of the modules that form part of the frameworks are as follows:

  1. Business Strategy, Planning & Execution
  2. Organization Development & Tactical Planning
  3. Marketing Foundation & Promotion
  4. Financial Management Eco-system
  5. New Entrepreneurship Development
  6. Transformation into Emerging Enterprise
  7. Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs
  8. Family Businesses Management
  9. Creating a high-performance culture
  10. Succession Planning
  11. Communicating simply and powerfully
  12. Building high-performing teams
  13. Engaging and mobilizing employees
  14. Improving Negotiation Skills
  1. Development of Business Skills
  2. Preparation of Effective Business Plan
  3. Risk Profiling & Risk Management
  4. Effective utilization of Technology
  5. Employee Engagement & Productivity
  6. Effective Digital Support Framework
  7. Sales & Marketing Framework
  8. Business growth and expansion / diversification
  9. Navigating through external challenges
  10. Customer relationship management
  11. Managing customer complaints & resolutions.
  12. Enhancing competitive advantages
  13. Managing Digital Information System
  14. Developing Connectivity and contacts